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Hi, I’m Radhika and I am so thrilled that you stopped by here today. By the day hours , I am a Dental Surgeon by Profession. I also hold a Master’s Degree in Counselling and Psychotherapy. I live in Mangaluru, India. A go-getter, an enthusiast; apart from blogging, I am passionate about Dance and Music. I started this blog on a whim of a moment on August 2017 after following some renowned bloggers for quite a time and one day, I thought, “Why not start something on my own?” So here I am with this masterpiece:THE SIMPLE TALKS. “Simple Talks” was an instant idea born with a normal commute to workplace. I found an image of Mother Theresa on a local transport and that image of hers inspired me for the name. I am still learning the art of blogging and enjoy it very much. This space is designated for views over various aspects of lifestyles, personal financial management, self-help and technology. The Simple Talks aims to serve as a plentiful resource for finding joy amidst the pain, and as a reminder that the life we live is worth living and is a beautiful gift worth lived , full of grace and glory. You could just settle in, grab a cup of coffee, sip it and enjoy reading my posts. Thanks for stopping by!

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