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Why I Started Blogging?

Hi there!  Blogs!  Not many are aware of what Blogging is yet in our country, and nobody knows yet that it too is a profession.

Every post/article you read on the internet is a Blog. You were reading then but weren’t aware. Okay, I am not accusing you. It’s just that I want to eradicate the blog illiteracy from some of you.


There were so many people, asking me why am I Blogging, it’s purpose, and what this blogging is all about.

I have been answering quite a number of them. But instead of answering each one of them individually, I thought that I shall write a post regarding it and publish it on my blog page. Every time someone asks me, I shall forward this post.

My Journey:

My blog is just 10 months old and I am still in the process of learning how to write blogs and use WordPress.

You will be surprised to know that I was totally unaware of many matters related to Blogging. To mention a few, there is this SEO-Search Engine Optimization, Keywords, Meta description, Slug, Tags, Image alt attributes and what not. All these terms were new to me; and I kind of freaked out for a couple of days, and I thought, “OK, That’s it, blogging isn’t for me”. For all these days I thought just write a content and post it and that’s about it. But I persistently kept writing posts after posts, slowly I realized my love towards blogging was extreme.

why i love blogging
♥ Blogging

How it all started:

I am a full time Dental Surgeon by Profession, working from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. with only Sundays as my off days. I knew I wanted to take up Blogging as well, but realized my schedule ain’t allowing me. But, after many years now, I finally made up my mind, started carrying a diary with me to my workplace and every time I got breaks, I made sure I do pen down something on my diary as the ideas pop up.

One of my diary pages

Later, when I am back home from work, I carry on typing on my laptop on the late nights and early mornings. Eagerly waiting for holidays to get a full-day writing session is still on.

  I started to make a study over each and every concept possible over blogging and also started to follow some popular bloggers who gave tips on how to blog.

  I have literally been doing thorough study over blogging burning my midnight oil. Having said that, I have set my heart and soul to it.

Some Background:

Ever since I was in school, I knew I was good at writing. My answer style in exams were quite impressive and was fairly applauded by many of staffs. But, back then, I did not have enough knowledge about blogging. All I knew was I was good at content writing and that is it. I never looked around for platforms.

  Years later, now I realized the power of writing was immense and I should not stop myself from doing what I loved.


I initially started my blogs on a free platform by Google- BLOGSPOT. I had written two posts in it- Tool Kit To Improve Your Attitude and Setting Up Household Monthly Budget and I had received quite a good number of page views for the same, more than what I had initially expected and I was definitely glad.

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Transfer from Blogger to WordPress:

  By the time, I had published those two posts, I realized that I loved what I did and also that, now on, I would not stop writing.

  That is when, I decided to purchase my own domain and then write my blogs on it. I thought in a couple of months, when I have my finances ready, I would buy one for myself.

  But, one day, I could not control my enthusiasm, and before I headed to my work, on 19th of August 2017, I finally sat down to purchase it and lo, that’s how this webpage came to existence!!! 

Domain Naming:

It was a real challenge!! A day or two before I purchased my domain, I kept thinking, although I have enough time to purchase, I should keep a domain name ready. But, I was not able to zero down on anything.

  One breezy afternoon, when I was heading to my clinic, I happened to notice a small image of Mother Theresa on a local transport and I thought how elegant and ‘simple’ natured she was and right at that moment “THE SIMPLE TALKS” popped to my mind and without having second thoughts , I zeroed in to THE SIMPLE TALKS. [©]


So, there I was at the hosting services page- BLUEHOST ( they are pretty good!! ) and bought a domain for myself and create my first ever website!!☺

  I have been so naive about creating and running a website! But, by now, I manage it pretty well. I am still in learning mode.

Popular Bloggers:

I had been following 5 imminent pro-bloggers:

▼ Harsh Agarwal- Shout Me Loud

▼ Darren Rowse- Problogger

▼ Amit Agarwal- Labnol

▼ Neil Patel- neilpatel.com

 ▼Kulwant Nagi- Blogging Cage.

They always gave excellent tips over blogging and I learnt a lot from their posts. I definitely respect their work.


Quite a time ago, I also got to know of Google’s Adsense and applied for it. I was glad I met the standards and was immediately got approved for the same in the very first attempt!

Now I have monetized the blog, but I am unable to post frequently due to my tight schedule.

Plagiarism-The blame game:

Oh!! This one is major! I was blamed of plagiarism by my own friend and one of my relative.

When I had written initial posts, one so-called friend of mine continually criticized my write-ups saying “these you are just picking up from the internet and posting. Why don’t you write something of your own? Hmmm, write something about frustration and I will know!” I was pretty sure I was writing blogs on my own interest and was not trying to prove anything to anyone, so I decided to completely ignore this person.

There was this post on mutual funds –   I had once written long time ago; I had written this post based on the research I had done years ago when I planned for my investment in mutual funds. I had this same friend who commented to me, “huh, a dentist writing about mutual funds! A girl, moreover, who wouldn’t even have invested once in her lifetime is writing about mutual funds, why don’t you stop copying and write something original of your own experiences?” That was it, I was really upset. My original content was blamed for copying, I lost interest for couple of days to create any new content, but then later I realised I should not mind these words from haters and took the criticism positively and continued blogging. Of course, the friendship ended in a bad note, not to mention. 

There was this relative of mine working in the banking sector who said ,’ you are a dentist, you should stick to your dental niche, than writing stuff that you are not aware of. Also, give credits to whoever wrote this article in your post, else you will be facing legal issues’. And till this date, this relative of mine has this prejudiced thought that my articles are being just picked up from somewhere and pasted.

It definitely hurts when people do not trust your work; it feels bad when there is no appreciation for all the hard work put up, sparing all the available time only for blogs. But over months, I have moved past the phase, I have grown stronger as a person and I have realised that HATERS ARE FANS TOO, and these blame games do not affect me any more!

The love I receive from my readers and fans- YOU, makes my day and pushes me to work harder and bring in more better posts. I am really thankful for all the appreciation and support, you provide for my write-ups.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart!


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  I have to thank my dearest brother, Suhas, for having been my support on technical terms throughout. He helped me to create and develop the website.

One of my closest pal, AR.SP designed the logo and gifted it to me. I appreciate my friend’s effort.

None of this would have been possible without my parents continual encouragement and support.

 And without YOU, my reader, I would have lost myself deep inside the vast web-world. I immensely thank you for sparing your time and reading my posts and willfully leaving your comments over them.

 For those who have not yet subscribed, I request you to go to the Home Page, below “Know Me” option, is the “Subscribe Section”; leave in your name and e-mail; and you shall be receiving e-mail notification from THE SIMPLE TALKS (you can click on the link for returning to the home pagewhenever there is a new content.

A zillion thanks for stopping by !!

thank you


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