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Yes! I am a girl, but pink

is not my favourite colour!!

Nor do you need to link

me with a Bollywood flavour.

Yes! I am quite loud and daring,

would you mind not comment on me as a favour?

Do not link the pink just because I am a girl, a sex that needs to be treated a big fairer?


I sat down thinking what would be my next content!

Picked up a pen, and I thought I need to vent

and do a real little rant!!


A thought, real heavy

which I planted and grew in my bosom,

and I wasn’t tech-savvy

and didn’t know how to put it out and make it sound awesome!


I figured this is the way

I bring out myself.

and this is the only chance and the only day

I stand up for every girl for herself!


Yo, losers, here I come to step up my game,

Well, you do remember this is absolutely for no fame!

‘Cause the reasons I give are not lame!

Girls are not here for you to tame!

I know even after saying so much, it will remain the same!!!!


I wanna pour my heart,

not sure if that will tear you apart!!


You send me a text,

you say a  ‘hi’.

and what is next,

just text and sext.

You send me a pic

of a d**k,

and that only makes me gut sick!

and once you are done, you get bored

then you say a ‘bye’

and then you go for the next!


This thing is just gonna get double,

so let me just save you the trouble!

Just skip the blog if you don’t want to hear out the girls struggle.

Mind you! If you hear me out, do not put the words I say into a rubble!


When I speak out, you think I am loud,

But, I am, well, quite proud!

‘Cause I know I stand out of the crowd!!


Oh! Well, what a dare!

Which you give me by a stare!

Puts me in a square!

Those stares you wear!

I feel, your eyeballs I will tear!

And that I f***ing swear!!!


Are you a single?

Ready to mingle?

Every time you see me and tingle!

Well, you know what with that you make me strangle!


Every male friend you gather,

is a brother from another mother.

Then why is it do you not bother

to make me a sister too from another mother??!!


Out here, every girl is put to test.

Problems on her is on the top of the crest.

When will all this end up and rest??


How did you mean a big  ‘Yes’

When I was so loud with a ‘No’?

Was my ‘No’ not so strong

That you took it as a ‘Yes’, so very wrong?


She sits down with her bruises so sore,

But you still roar, more and more,

You might call her a bore till the core,

Her dignity you so badly tore,

One day, you shall call her a whore,

And there you will be standing shutting the door.


I heard her howl,

While all you did was growl,

For all the games you played foul,

Died that very moment was that lonely soul.


What kind of a sight

You would watch and sit tight?

A girl speaking up putting up a fight

For her mere right?

What do you think is her plight

Would she fight forever or take up a flight?

                                                  ( you can also read: CHASING YOUR OWN DREAM )

Women across the world get harassed mentally, sexually every single day, whether it is the workplace, streets or the shelter of her own home. Many incidents go non-documented due to the fear of the society and its values.

Today due to the high coverage of media, many incidents come into light. Recently, in October 2017, #metoo campaign went in full swing, throughout all the social media handles, only shockingly to find out that almost every woman on earth was harassed, at least once in their lifetime. Many women spoke up of their incidents through this campaign.

My contribution to uplift women and rights maybe a small drop in a massive ocean. This poem, that I penned down, is to alert the youth of the harassment each women goes through, and to bring about actions in regard to this.

Poem’s a bit touchy, isn’t it?

Do share it to whomever you know : A Girl’s heart out against the anti social behaviour!

Signing out,

Radhika K C

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