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Chasing towards your dream

Almost every person on earth is in one of his own life race! Not just me, each one of you is chasing your own dream.

chasing your dream
chasing your dream

Well, I am not a motivational writer but yet, I thought, I could share some of my thoughts to you regarding chasing your dream.

Oh! To mention, of course, I too have not achieved a zillion things in my life. I am, too, like you in the path of chasing my dream. But, why not share my insights to you? I hope somewhere it may help you out too!

Few of my thoughts I would like to pen down to share with you:

1) It took some time for me to realise that it is okay to not have a definitive plan!

Basically, I have been a compulsive planner. I grew up planning so much, planning things, wanting something and always laying a future for myself. And when it turned out the way I wanted, I happened to figure out that I didn’t like it in that way.


Many a times, of course, my plan did not work out and I was highly disappointed.

You know, when we plan out something, we set our expectations very high; we would have higher levels of standards set to achieve the goal. But, when we do not happen to achieve it, despite the efforts due to circumstances, we naturally get dejected; disappointed by our own selves.

When you don’t plan anything, you have place for an element of surprise! Life is full of surprises; accepting it the way it delivers to you cannot sometimes happen if you have meticulously planned your life.

( DISCLAIMER: But, these thoughts are subjective. It varies from person to person. )

2) Macho is not the word!

Being fearful/ afraid of something is good sometimes! Because being fearful means it keeps you alert about your immediate surroundings. You stay conscious of every single movement around you.

Fear keeps one grounded and humble. To quote one example, I can use my own self. I, as a blogger, know that, you, my readers are the driving force for my write-ups and content is the king. If I ever take you for granted and just write and publish a post just for the sake of it, I know I will lose one of my valuable readers. So, that fear keeps me aware that I need to deliver a good content every single time so that it can help my readers, perhaps.

Hence, having a slight amount of fear is good to keep one humble.

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3) Failure is the stepping stone to success:

Each of us know the above quote. Yes, failure is absolutely necessary for each of us to look into the matter and make us understand the shortcomings, the strengths we lack so that we overcome them the next time we try.

Someone, once rightly said, “experience is the best teacher”.

If one has not failed even once in life, that certainly means he has not even once tried something new in his life. Only when we fail, we realise the shortcomings that help us to deliver the product (whether it’s business or personal) better next time when we try again.

Just because we failed once, it doesn’t mean we need to give up trying. Look at your failure from a different perspective. Think, ‘if this method is not working, which other way should I approach it?’

Use various methods and approaches and try again, definitely one time, when we overcome all the stepbacks, we will attain success.

And, success need not be huge ones which the whole world needs to know. Every single, smallest thing you achieve in life is success. It could be as simple as finishing one’s daily routines! ‘Success‘ is a relative term. It depends on how you see it!

Hitting the rock bottom is not failure, but staying there is! It is on you to take up the ‘wake up call’ and climb up towards the path of success. Sulking and staying in the corner will never lead you anywhere except for depression and other mental health issues.

4) Never forget your journey!

You might have heard people saying ‘bygones are bygones’. Yes, do not dwell in those thoughts, but definitely take the lessons out of it, and imply them in your life. My mentor once said, “forgive but do not forget!” when I was going through a rough phase in my lifeIt still echoes in my ears.

Always remember where you came from; and that definitely will keep you grounded!

You may also have heard ‘never look back’. But, looking back at your journey, gives you insights of your hardships, hard work and keeps you determined to move your journey forward.

What I learnt out of my small life experiences is that my past has made me a person I am right now, who is ready to face my future, the way life is going to throw surprises at me, and I shall welcome them with wide welcoming hands.

Forgetting any of the mistakes I have done would not help me any day. I would like to remember all my mistakes, all the wrong decisions I have taken, so that I would never repeat them ever again in my life.

Remembering my journey, makes me step ahead easier with loads of confidence and face each day like a challenge.

Even if you achieve highest levels of success and fame, earn lots of money, travel around the world, possess all the goodies you wanted, never forget your roots, because if you ever forget where you came from, you will never have any respect for anything in the world. All that will be left is arrogance of achieving something, with no happiness and no kith and kin around!

never forget the path of your journey

So, I personally feel all these points are essential for one to remember while chasing your dreams, however small or big it maybe.

Also I would like to mention along with with these points, that only a positive environment around you with positive people around you can help you to achieve your dream. Do stay away from negative people and negative environment. Be aware of the company you are with.

What other perspectives can think of while chasing your dreams? Drop in your responses in the comment section below. I would love to read them! Until the next post, bye!

This is Radhika, signing out!

Wishing you all the very best on your chase to your dreams!


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