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Thoughts every blogger has in mind!

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Today, I had lots of free time to spare between my work; I was without any appointments for almost an hour.

That is when, I picked up my diary where I can pen out my thoughts before typing them on the laptop and publishing them.

I went on flipping pages only to find many posts, which I have not published yet; and also noticed, many posts were incomplete. I had many blocked areas of thoughts during many of my post writing.

So, I thought, it is time I complete each post from today and publish them one by one. I hope I will be keeping you immersed in the posts frequently from now on. Fingers crossed!

Let me start with my first post for today!

Every blogger’s thoughts:

A blogger’s mind is always active with a chain of thoughts. Though bloggers are expressive with words, there are many unexpressed, hidden thoughts running in his/her mind.

Do you want to know what random thoughts come to our mind? Check out the post below.

Everybody has their own share of untold thoughts, not just a blogger. Then what will be special running in the bloggers mind? Without delaying any further, I should spill the beans for you to know the random thoughts of a blogger:

1) What is the big deal about blogging?

Blogging is not just about writing something and publishing.

Every blogger has this random thought which we want to cry out to the world. Most of the people are prejudiced with the thought that blogging is all about writing whatever comes to the mind and publishing, rather it’s definitely not that!!

Like any other job, blogging, too, needs a lot of dedication and hard work.

I have been blogging for months now, and trust me, every single day is a new learning day. Everyday I happen to learn something new about blogging. Well, this holds the same with other experienced bloggers too!!


2) Get to know the real Well wishers:

A blogger always in a lot of efforts before writing up a post. He/She has to understand the topic and research over it before publishing. Finding an apt title, related photographs and what not are tedious task!

Despite all that struggle and efforts put up and however great the content would be, there will be always going to be a list of haters who don’t appreciate it. There may be some nasty comments on or off the post. That is when, one realizes their true well wishers.

But, I would like to add,HATERS ARE FANS TOO!😉


3) Why is a day only with 24 hours?

A blogger has lots on to-do list:

* Be active on social media.

* Engage with readers.

* Promote various stuff.

* Run family errands ( if one is a mommy blogger, like me, it is crucial).

* Learn new things everyday.

* Stay in touch with other bloggers.

…..   and the list is so much more.

Sometimes, we have this feeling that 24 hours a day is just not sufficient for us to call it a day.


4) Figure out what others are doing in the field:

Almost every blogger have had that jaw-dropping experience looking at a very well known and successful blogger. We always wonder how do they carry themselves so well? What exactly would be their secret Mantra?


I have always observed that not even one blogger is selfish. They always help out the fellow bloggers when one confronts an issue with blogging. Every blogger loves to share their insights. Lovely, isn’t it?


5) Positive, positive, positive all the time:

Staying positive and sending positive vibes all the time is very difficult and herculean task. Everybody feels low at some point of time. Especially, if it is a mental health blogger, it takes so much efforts to be positive all the time. Never mind what he/she feels, one has to caption all happy notes on all social media accounts.

On a lighter note, staying positive too could be so much pressure, you see! Ha Ha!!😂😂


6) Appreciation makes the day:

Set apart the small sum of money one receives from a blog, nothing can beat a heartfelt appreciation from a reader.

Lovely comments which are genuine one writes below the posts would make one’s day awesome! Reading and re-reading the comments is what most of the bloggers do! I definitely do it to boost myself!!

Lovely comments from readers!

7) Misconception one has that blogging is easy money:

How do I express to the world as to how much do we break our backs to make a little sum of money and how we feel making that money is; but when the whole world considers it is easy money, it gets very annoying.

There is absolutely nothing called as ‘easy money’. Blogging definitely isn’t easy. It is just that our love for blogging keeps us going and make it seem effortless and enjoyable.


8) So nervous about SEO:

SEO- Search Engine Optimisation.

It is something every newbie blogger worries about. It is very crucial for a post to meet SEO standards for the post the rank in the first few pages of Google’s search index.

When I learnt about SEO in the initial days of blogging, I freaked out. I was so clueless and I had no idea what I was supposed to do with it. But as I slowly keep posting various stuffs, I gradually learned to handle a little about SEO. SEO is very important to a blogger, it cannot be ignored.

Slowly I learnt about AdSense and what not. I am still learning it, bit by bit, as days are passing.



So how did you feel exploring a blogger’s mind and thoughts?

Feel free to leave your comments below, I would love to hear from you.

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