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How to age gracefully – PART 2

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Well, coming back to the headline, I am pretty sure you are wondering why a part 2 on the same topic!?!

Let me tell you why! I have received quite a number of mails and texts from my readers over the part 1 post, I am so glad you loved it so much!

There were many mails asking me to add on few more points. Well, here I am with a part 2 of the post. Your wish is my command!

Hope you will love it! Happy reading!!

So, the added points:

1) Acceptance of the fact:

Youth is a gift of nature, but age is a work of art” – Stanslaw Jerzy Lec.


The secret to aging gracefully is to pay less attention to your age in numbers, and act according to your experiences.

Aging, as I have mentioned previously, is inevitable. The best way to have the grace while you age is to accept the fact and stop hiding those flaws and wrinkles with excessive make-up.

A normal make-up does enhance one’s external beauty, but tonnes of make-up applied to mask your flaws will only make you appear more older than you actually are and also brings out the insecure thoughts about your looks!

Graying of hair is also a sign of aging. Be proud of your grays, it would definitely do no harm! Graying of hair prematurely is seen often these days, it is indeed an indicator of aging, but it could also be due to pollution, stress, hair product chemicals or plainly, genetics!

2) Stay away from negativity:

Be it a person or an environment, if it is negative in nature, it is preferable to stay away from it’s occurence.

Negativity can drain out the positive vibes of any person over time. Avoidance of such negative nature, would only benefit a person and also help in aging gracefully by avoiding undue stress.


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3) Maintain a positive attitude:

Cultivate a positive outlook towards life – it is the most important factor for healthy aging. It is your attitude, resiliency and your ability to cope with stress, which indicates your approach towards healthy, graceful aging over physical disease or disability.

So how do you think and maintain a positive attitude? It is all about the outlook. Begin by accepting the fact that nothing in life is permanent, so is your youth. Aging is inevitable and accept the fact and move on in life. Also trying to look for silver lining in every situation.

A positive attitude would simply allow you to enjoy your life despite the age than dread over the physical signs of aging and losing the valuable time you have now.

Keep your preconceived notions about aging miles away. If you think that you are old, you will definitely act so and look old as well.

4) Entertainment is a must! :

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy‘.

If you are working throughout the life with a monotonous, sedentary work lifestyle, you are going to drain out yourself.

One needs ample breaks from their routine. A small drive, a family picnic, a weekend tour, a movie or even catching up with old friends can bring in immense joy in our life. It allows us to recoil and breathe out.

Take day off from your routine, stay away from social media, enjoy your break with  your kith and kin in a place you would love and soak in all the positivity around you. The break will definitely make you ready for the next working day with full of enthusiasm.

5) Soak up some sunshine! :

Time and again, I have mentioned in the previous posts as to how much can the sun be beneficial to human body. It is a very well-known fact that vitamin D is essential to maintain a healthy immune system, cell growth regulation and protection against certain infections.

Getting enough vitamin D just by doing a brisk walk in the morning hours or evening hours would be possible. Being out in the sunshine for about 20 minutes would be suffice for the body to produce enough Vitamin D. I can not think of a better reason then this to step out for some fresh air during working days.

6) Brain aerobics:

Aerobics and brain!!??!!  You may be wondering what on earth am I talking about.

Some exercises are very essential for proper functioning of the well-developed brain. But how? Just simple. Try solving some puzzles, riddles, crosswords, Sudoku. It would just be as fun as much would it benefit your brain. Plus, it activates the cognitive parts of brain and leaves you active. Brainstorming ideas and thoughts would also be helpful. Blogging, content writing or any other creative work brings in lot of activity essential for good functioning of the brain.

It is never too late to start these activities. Be whatever your age, be creative; having an active brain activity doesn’t depend on your age.

7)  Embrace your work:

Love what you do“. Loving your work definitely has its effects on your aging.

When you love what you do, then work is like play – every single day is like having a vacation.

People who love their work seldom take lots of vacations.A fewer breaks are enough for such individuals.

Be on track with your career goals and keep your passion for work alive to feel yourself young and vibrant, whatever might your age be.

8) Enjoy the subtle savor of aging! :

Make sure you make it a point to rely on the benefits of aging than over its downside.

The knowledge and experience you possess due to your age means that you would not do as many mistakes now as you used to do in your younger days.

Over your life experiences, you learn to stop comparing yourself with others. You let go of persistent way of doing and accomplishing, doing and accomplishing, doing and accomplishing.

You get to know yourself better and the world around you better.

Well, these were some of the additional points that I wanted to add up to my previous post. If you have any other logical points to add up, let me know in the comments section below.

It is said, “a simple hello can lead to a million things”.


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