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An ode to woman

No one has the power to make you feel inferior,

As a human, I have known that you are the most superior,

The world around you, of course, does not know of your tale

So do not sit back so pale.


Only you know of the journey you travelled,

It is only because of you that the world look so beautiful and jewelled,

Only, sadly, to know that the world doesn’t know of the power you possess.


You are the one who cares for all.

You are the one who shares the pain of all.

You make a place worth living

and turn a house into a beautiful home.


You bear the patience to listen,

Willingness to understand,

Power to care,

Heart that can share.

You want to fly on a free sky,

But never ever seem to ask for wings to fly.


You can climb the highest mountain

And travel the darkest cave,

Swim across the deepest sea.


Every home,

And every heart,

Every feeling,

And every moment

Is just so lame without you


Oh! How beautiful are you

Inside and out!

So, am I,


I am too a woman!

And that I can proudly say!


Happy women’s Day to all the ladies out there!

💕 Lots of love 💕

-Dr.Radhika K.C.

(I tried to write a small poetry to commemorate International Women’s Day, I hope I have made enough justice to the words).


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