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How to age gracefully?

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I was off the blog for a while; was sort of busy with my profession and then free time went on to researching a bit over how to blog! I had some tiny outings. (Those following me on social media would know). Also, as usual, I was sitting glued to my current addiction- YouTube in my free time! I guess I was kind of lost. Now back to business I am ready with plenty of posts. I shall post them frequently, I hope you will like them!☺


YouTube Addiction 😜
YouTube Addiction😜

This time my post is about aging gracefully. Without wasting any further time with my talks, lets head on to the post! Let’s go!Β πŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ™Œ

Aging Gracefully:

Aging is inevitable. With age, comes a lot of social experiences. But with the lifestyle of this era, aging seems to be coming along with high risk of medical conditions like heart attack, diabetes, elevated blood pressure, stroke, dementia, joint pains and some kinds of cancer.😩 Do not make yourself susceptible for such conditions. Do not let your age define you. Motivate yourself for a better you and optimize your opportunities for a better you – forΒ  good health and to live happier and healthier. Making some smart lifestyle choices can reduce the risk and make you stay healthy.

Be it a man or woman, one’s life always has some sort of stress ranging from family issues to workplace issues to finances. It is absolutely unavoidable. All this can lead to health problems. The stress can make you look 10-15 years older to what you actually are.

Learning to manage one’s own stress is an important wake-up call in everyone’s life and such people who have mastered to manage stress have chances to age very gracefully. Most of the people are just learning by their experiences, by various trials and errors.

aging gracefully



Healthy Aging:

Aging gracefully is an art; and one needs to master the art. Healthy aging is nothing but total well-being (total, here I refer to physical, mental and social well-being).

You may have noticed few people seeming to get better with each year passing by just like a fine wine.Then there are those people who are still learning by trial and error.

The gracefully aging people are aging smarter by adapting smart lifestyle choices.

On a lighter note, even telecommunications have aged gracefully!😜


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So, what is this post all about?

In this post, I would like to mention to you few steps to stay healthy as you are by age and live your grey years gracefully!

‘What you sow, you reap!’ – it is an age-old saying. How true is that!?!?! Your older age and your health then depends on the lifestyle choices you make at a very younger age!

A good lifestyle habit that you carry in younger age can benefit a lot in your older years and help you in aging gracefully.

I would like to mention few steps to have healthy lifestyle choices in your much younger years:

β—˜ Staying physically active:

Okay! I agree with you before you roll your eyes over that it is the same old advice every Tom, Dick and Harry keeps mentioning! But it doesn’t mean that you hit a gym immediately!

You could just go on a brisk walk or a jog in your locality without drilling a hole in your pocket for getting a membership in a gym! (DISCLAIMER:  That does not mean I am demeaning the gyms; it was suggested just for people who can not afford gym. Rest of you please continue gymming.☺You could do any form of strength building exercises like Pilates)

A 20-minute brisk walk or a jog is suffice to activate all the muscles in your body. Plan to put on your running shoes at the earliest!

Running shoes - woman tying shoe laces. Closeup of female sport fitness runner getting ready for jogging outdoors on forest path in late summer or fall.

You could also opt for Yoga, Swimming, Stretching and other exercises that you may be interested in.

If you possess weights at your home, what more you could ask for! You can perform few exercises even while you are watching your favourite program on TV.

For any vigorous forms of exercises, it is better to consult a trainer / doctor before you begin to avoid any injuries you may cause to your body.

Regular exercising has lots of benefits:

β€’ It keeps you healthy.

β€’ You will have a deep, sound sleep.

β€’ Exercising leaves you active and fresh throughout the day.

β€’ Exercise reduces the risk for most of the ailments.

β€’ It keeps you motivated and self-confident.

Make your exercising lifestyle choice be a reason behind your vibrant smile.

β—˜ Quit unwanted habits:

Say NO to smoking and excessive consumption of alcohol.

Just quitting these habits would be the first step of your journey towards a healthy lifestyle. Excessive smoking and consumption of alcohol can increase your risk for health problems like various types of cancers.

Also, the habit of smoking increases the wrinkles on the skin and makes you look aged and weak, you lose the charm of your skin adding years to your age.Β 

β—˜ Routine body check-ups:

Routine body examination by a doctor would be considered essential once you hit 30.

Screening yourself for any ailments (diabetes, blood pressure levels, breast cancer etc.,.) would be considered the best at the earliest to avoid any mishaps later.

Receiving right healthcare service, if necessary, would be recommended.

This shall ensure you to have longer, healthier life. It also allows you to age very gracefully without any risks of suffering from major ailments.

β—˜ Eye check-up:

This also needs to be put up under the above point. Somehow, I felt I must mention it separately, as the routine body check-ups involve blood, urine and stool examinations and other tests, but not eyes. Hence, I preferred to mention it as a separate point.

Get your eyes examined regularly. Go for vision corrections, if necessary.

Cataract is commonly seen affecting older age groups; it is a condition that reduces vision and needs intervention, hence get them examined regularly and help yourself in aging gracefully.

β—˜ Oral Examination:

As I mentioned about the eyes as a separate point, similarly, oral examination needs a separate pointer.

Healthy mouth is more than clean, white teeth – a healthy mouth is a door to a healthy body.

It is a proven fact that a diseased mouth plays a major role in most of the diseases including Diabetes Mellitus, heart diseases (like Atherosclerosis), complications in pregnancy (Preterm birth), obesity and even diseases like Alzheimer’s disease.


Dental health awareness is low in developing countries, and generally, oral health is often neglected.

Make an effort to go for routine check-ups to a dentist once in every 6 months and get your treatments done, if necessary, when advised by the dentist.

It is needless to mention that a dental treatment will cost you more than the amount you spend to keep your mouth healthy.

It is very important to maintain a good dental hygiene along with overall health and fitness.

Aging can have lot of effects on your oral cavity. Tooth decay, attrition, gum diseases, loss of teeth are usual problems as you age, routine examinations can intervene such problems an provide relief at the earliest.

'Get your pearly whites examined by a dentist once in every 6 months and change your toothbrush every 3 months.'

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Other than the above pointers one could involve in activities that can help improve your mental health like solving puzzles, riddles, Sudoku etc.,.

One also needs to stay hydrated – drink a minimum of 6-8 glasses of water on a daily basis.

I have pointed out few steps about aging gracefully that I could think of. If you are aware of few more points as to how more could you be aging gracefully, you could mention it in the comments below. I would be more than happy to include it in the post.

(UPDATE- 05.03.2018-Part 2 of the same also available – Click on the link for reading Part-2):

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