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You be the change – the change which the world awaits for!

you be the change – the change world awaits for!

Writer’s Block: 

I have been pondering over many thoughts on what would be my next post about. And, there I was stuck, for days together, without any ideas, called ‘The Writer’s Block’. All I did, all these days was work during my clinical hours, some chores at my home, spend time with my little one and rest of my spare time I kept watching all my favourite videos and web series, to whom I had subscribed on YouTube.

Two weeks passed by, just like a swift wind. I never realized as to how much had I brought in monotony in my life over a couple of weeks. Suddenly, I remembered that I had not connected to you – my dearest reader since long, as I was at a stagnant position at writing for quite a long while. So, today back from work, I opened my diary to pen down whatever thoughts came to my mind.

Well, you see, as I mentioned I watched plenty of videos and web series past 2-3 weeks, thanks to Jio for providing extensive cellular data, to kill my boredom and pass my spare time.


Wondering why am I stressing on those videos I watched?

There was one particular video, I watched, which was very inspirational and deeply impacted my mind.

Even now, when I sat down to pen down my thoughts, it is the same talk on the video running on the background in my mind. (Well, actually, I am lying down and writing, as I had a long, tiring day at work).

The narration was splendid. It was rather a simple story. I would love to re-narrate it to you in my version, with my conclusions and morales I derived from the story, with my thoughts over it.

If this writeup really makes it’s way upto my blog, after scribbling it on my diary, then I am definite that you too would derive some inspiration as I did. 

Okay, (rubbing my palms over one another), let me try rephrasing the whole story to you and unfold the inspiration derived.

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The death of of your biggest enemy” :

One summer afternoon, after the lunch hours, when the employees were heading back to the office for their noon schedule, they were invited by a notice on the office entry door mentioning of a death of their co-employee.

It read, “We are extremely regretful to inform you about the sad demise of one of our employees. We have placed the body in the ground floor hall for the last prayers and visits. You could go and visit him if you wish to. It was the same employee due to whom you could not progress further in your career front and your personal life. Rest in Peace”.

The employees felt sorrowful when they read the news notice on the door about their colleague’s death initially, and later they turned curious to know as to who was that person who stayed a hindrance to their growth and progress. They  were finally glad that, now since he is no more, their path is clear for progress, no more hindrances from this person.

The employees started to walk down the lobby towards the hall where his body was placed for last respects. When they entered the hall, they found a coffin placed in the hall.

you be the change

They swiftly lined up for paying their last respects to the dead employee. As they approached the coffin one by one, to see who the employee was, they became pale-faced and perplexed at the sight. They had, in fact, seen their own reflection on the mirror that was placed within the coffin. Beside the mirror, there lay a small note mentioning, “There will be only one person in your life who could refrain you from your own progress and that is ‘YOU’– alone. So let that person be in the coffin and you start afresh”.

After reading the note, each of them moved further deep in thoughts. They had a positive thought, a positive feeling within themselves to start afresh, to be a new leaf, to move on further in life with new purpose, with new hopes.

you be the change

The Morale:

So, that was the talk on the video that I watched, a simple story! But how meaningful! I kept thinking of it day in and day out, and realised it is me, only ‘ME’ in each of us who stop ourselves with boundaries we draw across to move ahead in life.

We, always have been playing the blame game, blaming the job profile, the boss, the company, the country for our stagnant lifestyle. I have seen many of us saying, “I will change once the country changes, once the job changes etc.”

But, in reality, it is not the boss, the job, the company or the country that needs to be changed, it is only YOU who needs to change first, who needs to evolve.



You be the change:

Take a pledge to change yourself from within, and the day you begin to do so, slowly, you shall notice the changes happening around you, lots of positivity around you, mounting to progress in your life and your immediate environment.

I recollected an old thought. “A man kept cleaning a clean mirror throughout the day to wipe off the dust he could see on his reflection; whereas he failed to realize the dust was on himself!” That is the irony of the present life!

So stop waiting for that change to happen. Be the change yourself.

you be the change
you be the change

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Well, 2-3 weeks of blocked thoughts and binge watching videos did help me bring in some inspiration. I would definitely want to be the change. How about you?

Feel free to drop in your comments below. I would love to hear from you. Did the story inspire you? If so, how did you go about it?

ℜ∀∂h¡κ∀ signing out!


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