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Lakme Enrich Lip Crayon Review

Lakme review : This time I decided to write something different than usual. I have loved doing make up and have loved watching makeup tutorials on YouTube. Plus I purchased a pocket friendly product from Lakme through Nykaa, this just rang a bell in my mind why not start writing my reviews over each product I purchase and use.

I am pretty sure there are many girls out there looking around for reviews before purchasing a particular product. I hope this review would be of some help to them!

The regular essentials!

Where I bought the stuff from:

I was browsing through Nykaa for my regular products when I came across a new product from Lakme. It was a lip crayon. The best part is, they are super inexpensive. I was very enthusiastic about purchasing it for myself. So, the name of the product is Lakme Enrich Lip Crayon. Let’s get into the review of it right away.

If you want to purchase, you could click on the amazon advertisement below:

My Review:

I know, you are very curious to know more about this product. But first let me mention a little disclaimer that nobody sent me these lip crayons for any review. Lakme and Nykaa probably does not even know that I exist 😀. I purchase everything on my own.


Get smooth and matte finish lips with Lakme Enrich Lip Crayon. It has a soft texture and is available in 10 lovely shades that suit all Indian skin tones. It is priced at Rs.185 for 2.2 gm. Amazon and many Lakme outlets provide a free sharpener with it.

Though I did not get a sharpener (No worries, I already possess a Lakme Dual Sharpener), I purchased it with a different offer. With 3 Crayons, came a lovely Make up pouch absolutely free!! Below is the picture.

lakme review
The Lakme Makeup pouch by Nykaa

The Lovely shades available:

Lakme Enrich has released 10 super-pretty shades:

01 Berry Red
02 Red Stop
03 Candid Coral
04 Mauve Magic
05 Peach Magnet
06 Pink Burst
07 Shocking Pink
08 Baby Pink
09 Cinnamon Brown
10 Blushing Pink

Get soft and colourful lips every day, in 10 different shades of your choice.

I possess Mauve Magic and Peach Magnet.


The colours I possess

    This is how they look on me:


About Lakme Enrich Lip Crayons:

The Lakme Enrich Lip Crayons contain mineral powders, giving your lips a soft and matte finish. It also contains a rich mixture of olive oil and jojoba oil which condition and nourish your lips.

Price: INR 185

Shelf Life: 24 months from the manufacturing date

Net Wt: 2.2gm

Packaging: Comes in a thick crayon form that can be sharpened. A black crayon over which the stickers of the shade are applied (colour coded) with a black cap over it. The pencil literally feels and looks like wax crayons and is extremely light weight. The packaging seems cheap to me but is great for the price!

Ingredients: It is not available on the product.

Fragrance: It has a lovely, mild fragrance which stays for a while after applying it.

TextureIt has a smooth texture which glides smoothly over the lips, which does not get tugged in between. In my user experience, the tips have not broken till date, awesome isn’t it??!!?? They feel very light on the lips and it almost does not feel like you are wearing a lipstick. The formula is non-drying and also it keeps lips looking plum all through the time you are wearing it.

Staying duration: It stays put for 3-4 hours without any consumption of meals. they fade away slowly in a very even fashion leaving a mild tint on the lips which actually looks very pretty! But do keep in mind that they are not smudge proof or water proof. So if you lick or rub your lips, they will come off very easily.

Type: These are not twist up crayons, you have to sharpen them up.

How to use: To use, simply line your lips directly and fill in. As easy as it looks! The lip crayon goes smoothly without any tugging or pulling unlike most of the matte lip products.

Overall Review: 

It is value for money product, super cheap and handy. Easy to carry even (in your wallet) for touch-ups! Soft texured and creamy, you will definitely love it! Surely buy if you are looking for a product within small budget, it also will definitely long for few months on continuous use! It is a good product for everyday use, maybe it be college wear or office wear, the shades suit for any occasion!

The advantages and the disadvantages:


  • Very lightweight.
  • Comes with a sharpener.
  • Looks good on the lips.
  • Moisturising matte finish.
  • Inexpensive.
  • Great shades to choose from.
  • Long lasting.
  • Easy to remove.


  • Cheap packaging.
  • Have to sharpen the crayons.
  • Gives a waxy feeling to the lips.
  • Easily transfers.

So, how did you like my review? Drop in your comments in the comments section below. Stay tuned for newer posts.

Good day!

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