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8 Steps to make one a better person!

A better you: They say, “Experience is the best teacher”. So true! What else other than one’s experience teach a man better? Failures, from time immemorial, has been considered as the stepping stones to success. Not only does one get enriched by his own experiences, the morals of others experiences contribute a lot in one’s personal development.

A journey towards betterment of oneself should be never ending! One should always look ahead for becoming better in every aspect of life. You may be wondering what could be the few things which could help one to become better? Read on further for intricate details.

What are the Benefits of Being a Better You?

By attempting to be a better you, you will be more happier, more productive, and fulfill more dreams than if you chose to be stagnant in your life. You will start to see things in a new light and find new opportunities that once you felt were impossible. You will meet new and interesting people who may provide more value to your life. All these benefits will bring in a positive impact in your life.

Why in the World Would You Listen to Me About Being a Better You?

Well, that is a good question and I am glad you asked. I am not perfect and I have many flaws. However, on a daily basis, I try to become a better person than I was yesterday because I know that by doing that I am adding some meaning to my existence and to others as well, hopefully. If there is anyone that can strive to be a better person, it is me.

I am not a motivational speaker, but I definitely know that I have enough skills to help others in a modest way. You do not have to take any of my advice. But, it never hurts to try something new that may just help to improve your life. And in the worst case scenario, if I am of no help to you, you can always go back to your already awesome life.

Why Should You Become a Better You?

I am assuming you are an amazing person right now and you have already accomplished many great things and done a lot for others in your life. However, my opinion is that if we are not putting enough efforts daily to be a better person, we begin to feel comfortable in the daily norm and set in monotony. Like many of you out there, I admit that I  hate the daily norm. I love making everyday different than the previous day and experience something new and different. We should, I feel, challenge ourselves to be better every single day so that we grow and develop in our life and embrace the gift of life!

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Speaking of the lessons and experiences, I want to share what I have learned in my life so far that made me a better person than what I once was.

life lessons that turned me into a better me!!

If these lessons could make me a better version of what I currently am, I am definitely certain that these lessons could help anyone to be a better person. New Year, too, is around the corner and what could be a better time than this, to make yourself better as your New Year Resolution?

1) Second chance:

We all do mistakes. It is human tendency to make mistakes. Just because it might be a mistake, I would want to miss someone genuine just because of a little flaw. I believe in giving a second chance to anyone. But I never give third chances as I do not want to make a fool out of myself.

A second chance always helped in retaining a good relationship.

2) Using my heart while thinking:

Many a times, I have been in situations where I was in a fix and unable to take a right decision. That is when I started to listen to my heart over my mind, and I am glad that I was very content with those decisions.

Hence, when in confusions with decisions, just try going along with your gut instincts. Mind will always follow your decisions!

3) Help others to fulfill their dreams:

Ask someone if there is anything you can help them with. Ask others if there is anything that you can do to make their day better. Try being the reason behind their smile! This leads to self-fulfillment on knowing that you have improved the life of another person. Helping others to achieve their dreams brings in a lot of content within ourselves.

4) Being Empathetic:

Putting yourself in other’s shoes and seeing things from their perspective makes you a better thinker and brings in the empathy from within.

You will know how other’s perception are in relation to ours.

5) Love yourself:

The secret behind one’s confidence is being in love with what you are. Love yourself, appreciate the gift of life you have been given with. There are many out there in the world, who have been deprived with the gift.

So, start loving yourself, only then you can make the world a better place to live in!

6) Learn from other’s experiences:

What we learn from our own experiences is just like a drop of water in the ocean. Life is vast; there are many people out there with many other experiences which you are not subjected to. 

Learn from them, get the morale from their experiences, it will help you in self development.

7) Reading books:

There are many books related to every topic possible. Always aim to supply yourself with information and keep yourself updated with the present world. Reading improve your thinking capabilities. These days there are even many e-books available. Get a hand over few of them.

8) Never give up on your resolution:

Last, but not the least, do not ever give up on your aims! Since you have decided to turn into a better person than  you currently are, the journey is never ending; never stop yourself from continuing that journey. 

It would definitely be very difficult, but never impossible.

Good luck with your endeavors.

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Be whatever you are, always remember only you are responsible for your deeds, and improvising yourself would indirectly improvise your surroundings, by the better deeds you perform. Always love yourself!! Nobody can love you more than yourself! Every single day, may it a point that you say to yourself that you love yourself either by your words or your actions.

So what other lessons are you utilizing to improvise yourself as this new year’s resolute? 

Let me know in the comments section below. I am all ears!

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