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No Shave November- MOVEMBER!!

No Shave November:

Hi there!! Come November, and you will find many men around you starting to get hairy all over the face! Every November we come across them letting it grow wild and free!! Mutton chops, Handlebar mustache, Soul patch, Goatee – no matter what is your favorite style of facial hair, it’s time for men to let it grow free and wild! 

This is a great tradition but the real meaning of No Shave November and significance often seeming to get lost among all of the hashtags and hype created by the media. Many men do not even know as to why they do it. Some use it as an excuse to not shave for a whole month. 

No shave november


 A little Introduction :

No Shave November is a very unique way to grow Cancer awareness. It is a month-long journey for a cause during which the male participants forgo shaving and grooming in order to instigate conversation and grow cancer awareness.

  The whole concept was begun to grow awareness by showing love towards our hairs, which many cancer patients lose. The money which typically is spent on grooming and shaving is donated towards aiding cancer treatments and research.

    Movember (Mustache+November) Movement is also on the same lines with No Shave November.


What exactly is No Shave November?

 It is basically a web-based, non-profit organisation who work towards growing Cancer awareness and support funds which are then utilized towards Cancer prevention, research, education, saving lives and aiding people battling with cancer and continuing care.

   With every whisker grown and an amount raised, the organisation celebrates the hair that many of the cancer patients lose.

   It is actually followed to raise awareness of men’s health issues. The basic idea is to change the face of ‘men’s health’.


How it all began?

 No Shave November has been around for over 10 years, since 2003. At the time it was not attached to men’s health, it was just a bit of fun with the mates, but now it has become one of the biggest yearly campaigns for awareness about men’s health issues.

Movember v/s No Shave november:


 The Movember had begun back in 2003 in Australia who were having a beer and they could not simply understand as to why mustache was going out of style! The friends were Travis Garone and Luke Slattery. When they both had initially started it, it was simply to bring back the mustache as a look, but later they continued with it for meaningful purpose.

 Inspired by a friend’s mother who was raising funds for breast cancer, they decided to make the campaign about men’s health and prostate cancer. They designed the rules of Movember and agreed to charge ten dollars to grow a mustache.

You can also read the entire story in the following link in detail as mentioned by the founders:

No shave November:

The tradition had been there for years. When Matthew Hill passed away from colon cancer back in November 2007, his children took the movement a step further by using the already existing cause to raise money for charity and hence the movement received the name ‘No shave November‘.


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Let us know what it specifically aims at:

  The movement mainly focuses on  particular men’s health issues:

♦ Prostate Cancer.

♦ Testicular Cancer.

♦ Poor Mental Health.

♦ Physical Inactivity.  

♦ Colon/ Rectal cancers.

Prostate and testicular cancer are considered as the most common cancer found in men, followed by poor mental health due to excessive stress from their lifestyles be it difficult jobs, unable to cope with long working hours, unemployment, bad family environments etc.,.

          Most men should begin receiving regular screenings for prostate and colon cancer beginning at age 50, but a family history of cancer could cause a need to begin screenings at a younger age. 

          Many men are physically inactive, either busy sitting at their work desks or being couch potatoes. The movement encourages physical activities for men and balance their lifestyle. Move more. Add more activity to your day. Do more of what makes you feel good. 

For instance, 

  • you could take a walking meeting.
  • you could park further away from your work place.
  • just get off the bus a stop or two earlier to have some brisk walks to work.
  • take the stairs instead of the elevators.


So all this is only for men? No women contribution?

This concept includes participation of women too. Surprised? Well trust me on this note.
No-shave November is for everyone putting down the razor, skipping a waxing appointment and going natural with their bodies. Face in the case of men; hands and legs in the case of women.

  Women too can contribute the money that they save from salons for a good cause.


Want to do more for no shave november?

    Raise money to help the organisations fund ground-breaking men’s health projects, so that more men live happier, healthier and longer lives.


So what’s going to be your beard style this november? Let me know your style in the comments section below.



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