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I wish I knew this before!!

I wish I knew Hello! Welcome back to ‘TST – The Simple Talks’.

“I wish I knew this before”– this thought have come across each one of our minds maybe more than one time till date. Hasn’t it?


Well, in this post there’s something I want to convey to You – my beloved Reader. But, before I say anything related to that, I would like to narrate to you a small story. I have been writing articles all the time; so this time, for a change, I shall narrate a story to you, rather than writing an article on some matter. It is an old Native North American story.


The Carpenter’s Story:

Long ago, in North America, there was a carpenter who worked for his boss (a contractor) who built houses. He worked under the contractor for 35 years continuously and finally after so many years of service, he thought it is time to wrap up, take up retirement and spend his time with his beloved family and relax. So he plans to meet his boss the next morning.

‘Knock, knock’. The boss heard a knock on his door the very next morning and found the carpenter at his door. He lets him in and lets him to settle comfortably on the couch across the beautiful fireplace.

The carpenter began to speak. “I have worked with you for past 35 years. Now, I have grown old, I have no much energy left in me. Hence, I plan to retire and spend some quality time with my family. I have come here to discuss with you regarding the retirement.”

The boss listened to the carpenter’s words and asked him to think over again. But the carpenter said that he had made up his mind.

The boss thought for a while and then said with a smile, “Alright then! But before you quit I want you to complete one last project. I need only you to complete it.”

The carpenter was slightly disheartened for this last project. He thought, ‘I was planning to retire and here he is with one more project at hand.’

After 35 years of service with the boss, the carpenter felt obligated to him and couldn’t say a ‘NO’. ‘Okay, one last time’, he thought. He half-heartedly agreed to complete that project.

[Oh! Yeah! By the way I forgot to mention that all through the 35 years of service, the carpenter was never interested in his job, he used to complete the projects without any dedication towards it. He was least interested to know anything about the project. He hardly knew what were the materials used, from where they came, who was into supervision, absolutely nothing. He hardly put any efforts in the design. He never set his heart onto his work. He worked all those years only to stabilize his finances for his family.]

Finally, under the obligation, the carpenter begins his last project just for the sake of his boss. He tried to complete the project in a jiffy and finished it in a couple of weeks. The project was completed in a hurry and finally the house – the last project was ready. The carpenter had absolutely not put any interest in the design.


Now, you can picturise him again at the boss’s desk. He says, “You had given one last project to complete, now that I have completed it, I would like to retire from my work.”

Boss smiled and said, “Fine! I am glad for your continued service with me for all these years and as a parting gift, I would like to present you something.”

The boss opened the drawer on his desk and fetched for a key and handed it over to the carpenter and said, “The last project home I asked you to prepare was for you itself. Consider it as a token of gratitude, my farewell gift. I hope you would have prepared the house with lots of interest and would suit your dream house too. Happy stay!”

Walking in the lobby, outside the cabin, the carpenter thought, ‘How much I wish I knew of his plans earlier! I would have built it with my design, with materials of my choice; I would have had my dream home as my gift. I wish I knew this before!’

I wish I knew

This was the story I wanted to narrate to you. I hoped you liked it!


I wish I knew this before:

   Now, coming back to what I wanted to convey, as I mentioned in the beginning of the post. We make mistakes in our lives similar to the carpenter and finally we think ‘Alas! Only if I knew this before! I wish!’

   There are 3 types of people in the world:

1. Those who wish things would happen to them.

2. Those who make things happen.

3. Those who wonder what happened?

Finding yourself into the second category might seem difficult, but never impossible.



   Make a note that every single day you are laying a foundation of your life brick by brick in your profession, relationship, health, life, finances; and you are constructing a building in which only “YOU”( I would like to double-stress on that YOU) are going to live and lead a life. And in future, if you start to dislike the building you created, you cannot blame anyone except YOURSELF.

   Make an attempt to put in interest in whatever you do. Make its your job or your spouse, put in every effort to make it seem joyful.

   I would like each of us to understand the moral of the carpenter story. I heartily wish that you would never find a day in your life repenting like the carpenter, ‘How I wish I knew this before!’



   As a student, we have had this thought I wish I knew these topics were so important later in my profession, I would have studied, back in school, the topic separately, understood it fully and given it more importance. Right now it would have helped me progress in my profession.

   As a professional, we have wondered, I wish I knew that project was so important and it would affect my promotion, I would have completed that project whole-heartedly in a completely different way.

   Each of us have had that moment – ‘I wish I knew this before’. We need to remember that we need to put in full efforts and be committed to what we do, so that you will never let such a day again in your life and never again say ‘I wish I would have known this before!’


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Best wishes!

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(The story is adapted from a narration by Simerjeet Singh in YouTube)

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