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7 important habits you must quit right now for yourself and the world:

Habits to quit:Our personalities are built up, molded over ages and experiences. Change is something which is a difficult attribute to bring in one’s persona.

   Forget the change in personality, we are so familiarized to our regular habits, that even a change of place we sleep brings in a lot of disturbances within us.

   But when you consider the bigger picture, the efforts and the struggles one endures is all worth something.

   All of us wants our world to be a better place to live in. We all expect others to bring in changes in their behaviors, attitudes, actions etc.,.

   We hardly realize the fact that when we change from within ourselves, we can take the initiative for the change we desire in the world. It is time we introspect ourselves and bring in those changes that we expect from others.

   We would all be happy if the world we live in would be a better place. We all would cherish those happy moments.

   But, remember, others cannot bring in happiness in your life. It is YOU, only YOU, who can bring happiness within yourself.

   Most of us would have used Google, Bing, Yahoo search consoles to find “The Secret To Happiness”, “Ways To Make Ourselves Happy”, ” How To Be Happy” etc.,. I too have done enough searches before. After doing a lot of research, I realized happiness is inbound, few changes from within, would definitely do no harm to us, the happiness we search for are within ourselves!


7 habits to quit right now! :


   Here I present the ‘Secret Mantras’ to happiness by asking you to stop those 7 nasty habits that you have been doing all your life. It will not only bring happiness in your life, but also brings in mental peace and satisfaction, a balanced personality and increases your productivity in life.


habits to quit

habits to quit:

habits to quit

1st habit you must quit: STOP JUDGING OTHERS:

It is a human tendency that have ran over ages that a human judges another based on their few talks, the gossips they hear about them, their few actions etc.,. We believe on those assumptions and are so prejudiced that you make a complete picture of their personality knowing a fraction of their behavior.

Prejudice has killed many good relationships in this world. Demeaning others have never done any good to either us or others.

So, if you are also fitting into this category of judging others, you need to stop it at once! Right away!

Judging others brings mental imbalance about others personality; once we stop judging, it will definitely bring in a lot of peace from within, since the chaos of odd thoughts of others will automatically vanish.

Stop taking others for granted just because you are prejudiced about them.

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2nd habit you need to quit: POKING YOUR NOSE INTO OTHER’S LIVES:

Everybody has a private life to live in. It is not of one’s business to peep into other’s lives. This habit leads to comparing ourselves with them and  also leads to creation of unwanted, false gossips, finally disturbing their life’s integrity. Also, stop gossiping about other’s lives and respect their space.

Humans, by default, are social animals full of curiosity. But, if this curiosity is utilised to peek into other’s lives, it does more bad than good. The same curiosity, if used positively, for learning something new, will always be productive for ourselves and the world.

Work on your progress, respect other’s private space and lo! you have the world you dreamt to live in without chaos!


3rd habit you should consider to quit: STOP PLEASING EVERYONE:

We all love the attention we get from others, it is so satisfactory. For the love of such attention, many of us try to please others to various extents.

But, pleasing everyone present on earth, to acquire all the love and attention is like chasing an impossible dream.

It is absolutely not possible for one to please everyone, despite all the efforts you make. You will definitely have haters who would definitely not be pleased by you, given that you do everything possible on your side.

Ultimately, we feel dejected and sorrowful because we put in a lot of efforts to please them, but when all you efforts go in vain, you finally lose the peace ☮️ within you.

Accept the fact that not all are going to be pleased by you and move on!


4th habit you should quit: HESITATING TO SAY “NO” WHEN REQUIRED:

   LEARN TO SAY “NO”!!  

‘NO’ is a simple two letter word; it is not that difficult to pronounce ‘NO’.

We all fail to say ‘NO’ even when your heart is not in favor of the condition.

You unnecessarily exert yourself to such situations which you are not willing to commit, just because you said ‘YES’. You thought a simple ‘NO’ would hurt others, they may judge you wrong. So, in turn to keep them pleased, you said ‘YES’ and found yourselves in a soup.

Express yourself, say ‘YES’ only to important things you are willing to do. When it is a ‘NO’ from your mind, it should be equally expressed so.

Ultimately, it is ‘YOU’ who needs to be happy.


5th habit I suggest you quit: STOP UNDERESTIMATING OTHERS:

Do not ever underestimate the power of another person. Never take others silly or for granted! You, definitely, do not know what the other person is capable of!

The person, who was low-key, whom you underestimated, years ago, may have reached heights of success in his life through one of his capabilities. You never know! His success and fame may have hit the roof and you sit there gaping at his image wondering “was he the same person whom I had underestimated as ‘good for nothing’?”

When you find someone stuck in a situation because they do not know a particular skill, rather than demeaning him, help him with that task if you possess that skill and also teach him the task.

Next time, never ever underestimate anyone. The moment you have such thoughts, just snap out of it immediately!


6th habit you should be quitting: STOP SHOWING DOUBLE STANDARDS:

It is quite silly, isn’t it, expecting one rule for you and a completely different one for others.

It is quite hilarious to find that the people who have no respect for your feelings, are those same people who demand for respect from you!

People who have double standards in their minds can never experience happiness in their lives.

Eleanor Roosevelt once said, “It is not fair to ask of others what you are not willing to do yourself”.

Apparently, when you treat people in the same way they treat you, they get offended.

It really becomes very annoying when somebody shows you double standards, isn’t it? It is the same feeling they do feel when you show double standards to them. You would want them to stop treating you that way. Why not, you stop treating others too in that way and be polite. Hopefully, one day others too would stop showing you double standards due to your politeness.

Make sure you quit that habit right away!


7th habit to quit: MOVE ON! GIVE UP THE PAST:

We have all been hurt in our lives, at least once. There is no perfect human, everybody makes a mistake. Learn from those mistakes of yours, gain knowledge from those experiences.

But, do not dwell in those mistakes of your past, which may unnecessarily spoil your present and future!

Dig up a safe hole and dump all your bad past and move on in life. Life is vast and meaningful, only when you see the positive side of it!

So, the next moment when you start remembering your past, just snap out of it as quickly as possible. Do not dwell in those negative feelings.

Now, is the moment you should live in. Keep active, intentional awareness of the present and stop pondering over negative thoughts of your past.

So, basically when you quit doing the wrong things you have been doing all through your life, you make enough room for things that can bring happiness and peace ☮️ in your life making you more productive and confident that you are right away.


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habits to quit  

  I found quitting these 7 non essential habits brought in a lot of change in my small world. How about you? What are the other habits to quit you can think of which helps others to change? Which habits did you practice other than I mentioned to bring in stability in your life? Do mention in the comments section below, I would love to hear more.


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