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Pink October : Going Pink For A Cause

Breast Cancer:

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   Are you still engaged in reading my posts? As you can see, I have become extremely lazy to post an article from few days. I know making an excuse that I don’t get enough time is lame because one needs to make time and put efforts on what you want to do, and I strongly believe that!

  I was wondering what to write about when I suddenly realized it’s October and the month of Pink Ribbon. So thought why not write on it!


My Small Contribution to Society:

For posting this article, I have done a lot of research about the topic and penned down a few words for doing my part of responsibility to spread the awareness.

    I hope I have done enough Justice to the topic. Plus, I have tried to incorporate points of whatever I know about it.

    I know this can be an awkward or uncomfortable subject to many of you to discuss about. But it is important to talk about it and understand how we can take care of ourselves, prioritize ourselves first. Preventing things like breast cancer or even diagnosing it at an earliest stage can allow us to continue to enjoy all the things in life we love. 

Going Pink: Breast Cancer Awareness :

Come October, and everyone seems to notice The Pink Ribbon all over the media and social media.

  October is considered the International Breast Cancer Awareness Month all over the world. The Pink Ribbon is the symbol to denote that and hence PINKTOBER took it’s existence.

breast cancer pink ribbon
                  The Pink Ribbon

The whole of Pinktober is all about being aware and spreading awareness of breast cancer in the general public.


How to Detect Breast Cancer?

 It is very important to note that women should keep examining themselves for lumps or any noticeable changes in their breasts or seek professional help from Doctors on a regular basis, as breast cancer, if detected early, can be successfully cured.

  Here are 5 steps of Self-Examination of Breast you must know:

 ( The five steps of self-examination is in regard to the article provided by and the pink picture background is a free stock photo from . I have created these pictorial representation myself using


Some points to remember:

Internet can provide you with tons of articles on self-examination, precautions etc.,. But some very important things I would like to mention, which are mostly unknown to many of us:

Throw away those under-wired bras you possess or are obsessed with! It is better to avoid them totally!

 Wear a well-fitted bra (not too tight and pinching your skin).

 For the new moms – breast feeding your baby for longer duration reduces the risk for breast cancer.

 Greens! The green veggies have always been putting away every trouble in the body! They scare away breast cancer too! Eat whole fruits than drinking fruit juices! Limit fat intake!

 Exercise regularly, in specific and in general, be physically active! Stop being a couch potato!

Stop smoking! Say NO to Alcohol and Drugs!


Men Too can get Breast cancer!

Let me bust your myth if you think only women get Breast cancer. Though very rare in occurrence, men too can develop Breast cancer! Many people do not realize that men too have breast tissue and that they can too develop Breast cancer.

     Most male breast cancers are diagnosed when a man discovers a lump on his chest. Unlike women, men tend to delay going to the doctor because they don’t expect a breast cancer in men. Many people consider Breast cancer as a women’s disease. They don’t consult a doctor until they have more severe symptoms, like bleeding from the nipple. By this point, the cancer may have already spread.


     A Mammogram is an x-ray examination of breast. 

    The breast is pressed between 2 plates to flatten and spread the tissue for a mammogram. This may be uncomfortable for a moment, but it is necessary to produce a good mammogram. The compression will last only for a few seconds. It produces a black and white image of the breast tissue either on a large film or as a digital computer image that is interpreted by a radiologist.

    Mammography is often more accurate in men than women, since men do not have dense breasts or other breast changes that might interfere with the test.

     Mammography will suggest if biopsy is needed for further confirmation of the presence of cancer.


Worldwide events:

 According to WHO (World Health Organisation), Breast cancer is the most common cancer seen in women both in developed and developing nations. Lack of knowledge about early detection or lack of resources to treat the disease leads to many unfortunate deaths in poorer nations.

  In accordance to this, many NGO’s (Non-Governmental Organisations), National health offices, Cancer organisations have joined hands to mark October as an awareness month for Breast cancer. They organize as many events as possible to create an awareness to the public. These events also accept donations and conduct free examination camps.

  Lots of events are organized around the world in October to spread the Breast cancer awareness- Walkathons, Marathons, Pink illumination of landmark buildings.


If someone you love has been diagnosed with breast cancer, connecting with people who have walked in their shoes can make a world of difference. Let the women around you be aware of self examination. 

Share this article and spread the word and make your contribution to the world this October and join hands in spreading the awareness!

    I did my share of contribution by writing this article. Let me know in the comments section below in how many other ways do you think you could contribute to spread the awareness?

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