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Ways To Improve Your Appearance Naturally Beyond Fashion

ImproveYourAppearanceHey there! Not all of us are gifted with those “perfect looks” one dreams about to possess. But, with few dedicated lifestyle goals, some time and effort investment and constant perseverance, everyone of you can improve your appearance in a natural way. Of course, fashion does make a lot of impact on one’s appearance. But, this post I have crafted for you speaks of the ways beyond fashion, in a more naturalistic way.

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1.Drink lots of water:

  Time and again, everyone has spoken of this. And all of you know that gulping atleast 8 glasses of water does a lot good to your body. But, me not mentioning this already known fact would not do justice to the most important factor for improving your appearance in the most natural way possible.

Hydrating yourself will:

☺ Make your skin supple and lively.

☺ Slow down aging process.

☺ Keep your  hair healthy.

☺ Keep body systems function in normalcy.

☺ Make you energetic.

   Dehydration gives a tired and worn out look. Losing water continuously from your body over the day will reduce your energy and leaves you exhausted, and naturally less attractive.

2. Eat Healthy:

   OK! Don’t roll your eyes! I am sure you are aware of this fact too. But, I do need to emphasize this point. Including a lot of fresh fruits, green veggies, nuts, cereals in your daily food intake would be a great deal for your body! Having a high protein, low carbohydrate diet can do the best for your body. If you want to look your best in the long run, there is no substitute for eating healthy.








   Also, cut on your carbs, reduce intake of refined, processed and artificial sugars and foods. Don’t be too strict on this and avoid your favorite desserts and savories altogether! Don’t punish yourself though! Have your cheat days and relish on that favorite bite of yours once in a while! 😉


3. Exercise:

   Regular exercise benefits your body in many ways. It will keep you healthy and also help you maintain a healthy immune system. Blood circulation is very much improved and results in fresh looking, glowing and youthful face and shiny lustrous hair.

   Shed those extra kilos and maintain your body shape. It will make you look more younger and energetic. But you needn’t have to join those expensive gym to burn your calories. A brisk walk, a jog, yoga, dance, any mild exercises thirty minutes a day, atleast 3-4 times a week would suffice to improve your attitude and appearance.


4. Maintain proper sleep patterns:

   Who doesn’t love lazing on the bed and sleeping for hours? Fix a routine. Sleep at the same fixed time every night and wake up at the same time every morning. Make it a habit. Your body will automatically get adapted to the timings.

  A good night’s sleep is a must to have a fresh and lively start in the morning. A lot of regenerative process occurs when you sleep. Sleeping patterns when followed properly will reduce puffiness of eyes and dark circles.

   Lack of sleep will leave you exhausted and confused, making you less attractive. A few nights without sleep will make you look like a zombie.

   A patterned sleep according to your biological cycle is must to improve your appearance. Generally, 7-8 hours of sleep is considered as adequate for an adult human. The duration, however, varies according to your age and lifestyle.


5. Straight posture:

   A straight posture always defines alertness and confidence, and hence improves your appearance. Avoid slouching or leaning onto one side, irrespective of whether you are sitting or standing.









It also does a great impact on your spine. The backbone will thank you for not giving it stress by slouching!!!


6. Maintain your body hygiene:

    Nicely trimmed and clean nails always welcome people around us. Of course, no one would appreciate a dirty looking nail!!

    Brush your teeth and floss them to have a sparkling smile and hence, avoid bad breath (halitosis). Clean your teeth after every meal. We don’t want our near ones to run away from us, do we !!??!!

   Groom your hair! Shampoo them on regular basis and keep them trimmed in accordance to your face shape. No one likes to be around if you got a stinky scalp!! Don’t over-shampoo it though, as it will strip of the hair’s natural oils leaving them dry and susceptible to breakage.

   Keep yourself clean. Bathe daily and change your clothes once in a day. That will leave you fresh and energized too!!

   Change your bed sheets and pillow cases often. Dirty linens always cause breakouts of skin. Acne breakouts are major problems of many people.


7. Dressing Sense:

   This is not related to fashion! The basic dressing sense consists of wearing tailor-fit cloths which suits your body type and personality.

   Wear fresh and clean, ironed cloths everyday with a hint of perfume, it definitely improves your appearance.

   All of us seem to sub-consciously notice the footwear one wears. Always wear a clean, polished, fitting footwear that compliments your personality.


8. Quit Smoking:

   If you do smoke, it is high time you consider quitting it. Nicotine breath, stained teeth look awful and are major repellents for people. Smoking can affect the skin, the teeth and hair all leading to aging process. And not to forget to mention the hazardous effects of it on blood, lungs and bones.

   Chronic smoking deprives the skin of oxygen and nutrients and hence leads to pale skin in some people, patchy uneven skin tone in others. It also leads to sagginess of the skin, as it destroys the collagen and elastin, the fibers responsible for elasticity of the skin.

   All the effects can drastically reduce on quitting the habit. Many nicotine gums are available to aid the smokers quit the habit.

    If you have this habit, better quit it for improving your appearance.


9. Avoid Alcohol/ Caffeine:

   Coffee contains high amounts of caffeine.Alcohol and caffeine are high diuretics, i.e., they remove water content from your body in high quantities in a limited time.

   Excessive consumption of alcohol or coffee will leave you with dry skin. Fine lines and wrinkles will gradually start appearing on daily consumption of these addictive substances.














 It is highly recommended to avoid them for other reasons too. You will improve your health too along with improving your appearance.


10. Smile:

   Last, but not the least, a hearty, warm smile is the best accessory one could possess to improve your appearance. A smile can transmit positive feelings to the onlookers and also brighten their day in return.

   Along with making you feel better, smile also reduces the appearance of stress on your face.

    There are many facial exercises which will not only improve your smile, but also makes you become more healthier and younger. < I shall try writing up posts on facial exercises in the forthcoming posts>.


    So these were 10 ways to improve your appearance naturally beyond fashion.

   Be realistic of your expectations and bring in changes. Be gentle to yourself. Pamper yourself.

   Identify what your flaws are and try improvising on them. I am pretty sure, it will gradually build in a lot of self-confidence and improve your appearance. You will have a great personality in the making.

   I hope this post did highlight the best in you. Please feel free to leave your comments and let me know of any other natural ways you know of to improve your appearance, beyond fashion.



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