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PERSONALITY DEVELOPMENT TIPS & THEIR IMPORTANCE: An individual’s personality is referred to one’s appearance, attitude, characteristics, mindset and behavior with others. One can always apply some growth in their personality with few changes.Trust me, changes cannot happen in a day. It takes time. Personality changes happen over time. But, it encourages one to look at brighter sides of life. Below, I present some tips to enhance the characteristics of one’s existing personality and help in your personality development:


     Who hasn’t faced failure in the walks of life? Mistakes, failure, guilt, though undesirable, happens to every one of us in life. I have come across people with inferiority complex due to their physical appearance, color, caste, financial status etc.,. And that’s when they lose confidence in themselves.

     But if you are confident, it will be your biggest strength; it will reflect your attitude, your character, your passion. Just be confident of who you are and stand amongst the crowd. Face any situation, however worst, with confidence and smile, it will just evaporate your stress and half of your problems, hence would get resolved.

Personality Development: Man wearing suit showing Thumbs UP
Be confident


     Polite and gentle words have always won hearts. The way you speak reflects your personality. That’s why, it has been an age-old saying- “Think before you speak”. You can’t demand respect by being rude to people around you. 

     Also, master your spoken language by proper grammar and accent. You could read newspapers, magazines, blogs, listen to news for improving your language and getting a grip over it. But, make sure that you use simple words for conversation. Be clear and precise while speaking, no matter which language you converse in.

Personality Development: A man and a woman talking to each other
Clear and Precise Communication


    It has been the attribute of your personality which gets noticed first. Hence, dressing sense must be considered an essential characteristics of personality. It generally means that you should know how to dress up for work, for party or for any occasion.

     Wear a simple but elegant attire which suits your body type. It plays a major role in personality and confidence development.

Well Groomed
Elegant Attire




     Man, since time immemorial, has been considered as a social animal. You need to interact with another person one time or other. One always need people around.

     Shying away from situations, being shy would never allow you to grow your personality. Keep yourself updated with current affairs, participate in seminars, group discussions; it will help you to open up yourself and adjust with others. Develop a charisma of yours to attract people towards you.

Personality Development: Portrait of happy business executives in meeting at office
Group discussion


     A listener needs to be patient and enthusiastic and open to discuss all the topics under the sun. To have a good communication, you should be patient listener and see things from other’s perspective. Put yourself in their shoes and see how they view the same things. Avoid distractions while communicating. Let the other person be aware that you are conveniently listening.



     “Actions speak better than words‘. People are constantly throwing a storm of signals ; silent/non-verbal messages communicated through their body movements, facial expressions, tone of voice and loudness.

Personality Development: Quote on body language

      Begin using positive gestures while talking to others. Be at ease. Even before you express yourself to others through your words, they will know your conversation from your body language. Using positive body languages is important for personality development.


    Would you like a negative person, complaining around you all the time? Constantly nagging, cribbing, criticizing people will take you nowhere except into deeper troubles; and these are the major turn off for most of us. Pessimistic behavior pushes everyone against them.

    Develop a positive nature. Have a positive outlook towards everything in life. Use affirmative sentences like , “I can do it”, “I am healthy and worthy”; it always helps. Remember, if there is a problem, there is always a solution. Just don’t lose your cool and worsen the problem.

personality development: 8-ways-to-be-more-optimistic



    You should have a zeal to learn new things in life. Never shy away from anything new. Who knows, one day you may discover a new passion while learning something new!??!!

    Also, learn from your previous mistakes and also from other’s mistakes. Learn the morals from your mistakes and try avoiding to repeat them. Everybody makes mistakes, you needn’t be shy about it , nor do you need to run away from it.

Keeping yourself updated is really a lucrative thing to cherish; it is an internet world and you can’t live under a rock if you want to learn new things.

always learn something new



  No, I am not asking you to give orders to your subordinates. What I meant is, you should be a good leader who knows to manage his subordinates well and get them complete a task well. Set yourself as an example for them to follow. Work hard, be humble and they will follow; and always stick to your promises, don’t refrain from them. 

 World’s greatest leaders always set an example of themselves for others to follow. Be disciplined, punctual. Avoid criticizing and making fun of your fellow workers.


On a last note, always differentiate your personal and professional life; maintain a balance between the two to lead a peaceful and stress-free life.

   Personality Development helps you to inculcate positive qualities like:

  • Friendly nature.Listen-Hear-and-Understand
  • Punctuality.
  • Flexible attitude.
  • Eagerness to help others.
  • Develop impressive personality.
  • Makes you confident and optimistic.


Please share your views and let me know if there is any other tips in your mind. Do share this with others.






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